Man vs Wild: India reacts to Modi’s Bear Grylls debut


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined survival expert Bear Grylls for a special episode of his popular adventure series Running Wild.

It was filmed with the aim of “throwing light on environmental conservation and climate change,” tweeted Mr Modi.

Broadcast on Monday, the episode went viral with viewers in India.

The men were filmed trekking the Jim Corbett National Park, a forested wildlife sanctuary in the northern Uttarakhand state.

They discussed a range of topics, ranging from Mr Modi’s political and personal life, to his love for nature.

The trip showed a different side to Mr Modi, who portrays a guarded image of a stern, strongman leader, one often not seen by the public.

“My problem is that I have never experienced such fears,” Mr Modi said when asked about “nervousness”.

“I am unable to explain to people what it is and how to deal with it because my in-built temperament is very positive. I see positivity in everything and because of that reason, I am never disappointed.”

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The special episode sparked huge discussion among viewers in India, who took to social media to discuss it.

Even after its showing, #ManVsWild and #ModionDiscovery continue to trend on Twitter.

“[Narendra Modi] has never experienced fear or nervousness. This should shake Pakistan to its core” said one user, referring to current escalating cross-border tensions.

Other Twitter users shared memes, mocking Mr Modi’s words.

The online reviews of the episode came in swiftly.

And the competition was on between Narendra Modi and former US President Barack Obama as several Twitter users compared their appearances in popularity polls.

Parody videos also appeared on Facebook, after Mr Modi shared a childhood memory about the time he brought a baby crocodile home.


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